Summer hair tips

Summer is swiftly approaching and while the rays of sunshine are relaxing and most of us will spend countless hours at the beach, we all know it isn't good for your skin or your hair. This post will obviously be about the hair aspect :P

Just like your skin, your hair wants to be protected too! A heat protectant is a good option and adding a cute hat provides some additional coverage. A leave in conditioner is a must in the hot weather while the sun robs your locks of their natural moisture! Always rinse with cool water but especially if you are prone to frizz! This helps to seal the cuticle and lock in shine. Never grab a brush when you get out of the shower but opt for a wide tooth comb. I recommend using it in the shower while your conditioner is sitting. It helps to comb out the knots but because the conditioner is in, it's easier to get through and detangles quickly. This prevents the cuticle from being raised. 
Most of these tips can be used in general, not just summer. 
Dry shampoo shall be your best friend if you get frizzy due to humidity. After the proper products, flat iron down the hair and the dry shampoo will soak up any perspiration before the humidity gets its hands on your hair!! Shampoo less often period. Not only does it clean your hair but it leaves you with less natural oils. Be sure to use products that do not contain alcohol or anything unknown ingredient. Try your best to get into a salon and if anything, schedule yourself some deep conditioning treatments!! You won't regret it. Don't forget to continue those trims, ladies! I'm not saying chop off those gorgeous locks but just a little trim to refresh and liven them up. It's necessary, trust me.

Enhance your natural texture this summer and try your best to lay off of the heat :)
Braiding damp hair is always a great style for the lucky long haired ladies. Creates instant waves without the heat.
A bun is lovely go to also. It makes a cute style possible without the parting therefore, no burnt scalp. Not a good look.

Drink lots and lots of water to stay hydrated and have a great summer lovelys! :)

xx chels


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