Miranda Kerr

Another fashion inspo from a celebrity..
I'm not your typical girl. I barely shop at VS and I don't obsess over the models nor do I watch the fashion shows haha. What's the point in depressing yourself? :P Anyway, due to my lack of interest in the models, I never realized how great Miranda Kerr's style is!! I see a lot of similarities to the lovely Miss Bilson and even Kate Bosworth in her wardrobe choices. Of course Miranda's dresses for events are gorgeous and she is just pretty much flawless but I really am loving her street style! What do you think of it?
She is the only person who can pull off high waisted skinny jeans and still rock a denim skirt.. no one else try the second.

We'll have to discuss that gorgeous head of hair another day, another post. What do you think of her street style? Yes, very minimal but that's what I love about it :)

xx chels