Demi vs Permanent

Hey ladies! This post is for all of you who color your hair at home (salon is always recommended!!) Working at this salon is so great! I'm learning so much already! Haha the previous salon ruined me and my potential good habits. My boss is always giving me tips and tricks and I always love hearing them. She told me that they barely ever use permanent color. They almost always use demi permanents on many of their clients. I never thought about it before but permanent is SO damaging! Props to the old salon for brainwashing me into thinking you should always do permanent and rarely do demi on anyone. Anyway, she gave me a formula for my mom in particular to try and I am so excited to do so! It will make her hair shiny, more healthy looking and most noticeable, it will fade much less. I will do an updated post once I use the formula on her (this was recommended for her ends but I will continue to use permanent on her roots)  As for using it on the roots, most people prefer it because it won't leave a harsh line like permanent does! Meaning, when your roots come in, they grow in gracefully and blend better :) Comment below if you use a demi or if you're thinking of switching now! Definitely keep in mind the integrity of your hair! :)

xx chels


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