Hair growth

Hello loveys! A question that I feel many people have is, how can my hair grow faster?? While there really is no fast solution, I do have a couple tips.

So many people can't seem to comprehend why trims are necessary in hair growth. When I was in school, my one teacher used a cracked windshield as an example. When the rock hits the windshield and cracks it even the teeniest bit, it spreads. Sometimes, if you don't catch it and fix it in time, it can spread so much that you can't see to drive. When you keep coloring, bleaching and using heat on your hair, it creates breakage. If you don't cut it off and "fix it", it just keeps moving up the hair and eventually, unfortunately, breaks off. People can't seem to understand that.

If you still don't understand and you think that hair trims contradict growth then this may be a much better analogy for you. Plants. If you've ever had to maintain any, then you know that trimming them is necessary for growth! You need to cut off the dead parts in order for it to get nourishment and grow.

Some people think that getting a trim is a cut. There is a fine line between the two. A trim is cutting off what is dead and in reality, what is preventing your hair from growing. Another thing that people do not understand is that you CANNOT fix split ends. You can however try to keep your hair healthy and do treatments or deep condition but you will not be able to repair your split ends. Just like a rope split in half, your split ends can't be put back together.

I hope these couple tips helped someone who had any questions. I know before I went to school, I always wondered but never got answers. I will post more tips on hair growth in later posts! :)
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