Sweater weather

If you live in Jersey, or even on the east coast, you know for the most part we have bipolar weather. This year has been especially weird with storms and hurricanes but now we have entered January and it was around 50 degrees.. My body and wardrobe just don't know how to handle this. I'm either wanting to dress like spring or craving fuzzy socks and a blanket. Today it was actually a tad chilly out even though it wasn't extremely cold. Killer wind around here recently. In short, today was sweater weather :)
(a couple days ago)

About to go shopping and yell at americas best employees.. why I'm wearing all grey is beyond me.

My skin looks discolored or something.. but this one has half of my shoes!

Okay, I love this purse but every time I use it, I buy a cheapo. I can't seem to use it for more than a day. WHY?!

But it's so preeettyy .. :/

In my sleep, I decided it would be a leopard loafer day..

I just love when the weather calls for an over sized sweater<3 How about you lovelys??

Xx chels


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