Maggie Eckford

What can I even say?! I hope you've heard of her and if you haven't, hop on google and look her up. She is gorgeous, talented and half of an adorable couple that will make you gush. She is most certainly on my list of people that I shall meet one day. Somehow, I do have a friend who indirectly knows her boyfriend and has met her. He actually just sent me a snap of my signed cd he keeps forgetting to get to me. If you ever see this, Maggie, I'm the jersey fan :) Enough of that and onto Maggie!! First of all, her hair is every hairdressers dream! Always flawless looking. (I'd also love to meet her hairdresser! ) Second, her voice is so unique and it just draws you in. Sometimes I find myself in my car having had listened to the whole disc 3 times. She will surprise you, I promise!! If you haven't heard of her, you have most definitely heard of the other half! Here are some pictures of the gorgeous couple!! All pictures in this post are taken from tumblr and not mine.

I'll get to her amazing sense of style in a minute!! Be patient ;)

If you didn't just die from seeing the cutest couple this world contains
then there is something wrong with you. 

And now that style! You're not even ready for this..

On top of all of these things, she seems to be just an all around great person! She is always so positive and uplifting on twitter and also posts quotes/ verses. Definitely someone to look up to. Someday R will use those connections for me to meet the both of them! :P

Have I made you a believer??

Xx chels


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