Oh, target

TARGET! Is there anyone who can go and not spend anything or even just spend a little?!? NO. I end up buying all of their clearance, some makeup and usually a purse or wallet then some candy and occasionally a cheap movie and some shoes. Anyone else?? haha I know I'm not alone!!
Today I told myself I wouldn't buy anything then just a purse then.. and so on. I walked out spending 60 dollars... and regret nothing.

Was watching what's in my bag videos and a girl had this. Not my usual so I wanted it.
Note to self: DO NAILS. they are looking atrocious..

It's a pretty good length. Could be a tad longer but that's okay.

Excuse the excitedness over feathers..

The feather shirt from the front
Hearts :)

And my new jacket :)

Target, you always make me poor. again. 
These pictures were taken the same day as Sweater Weather. 

Xx chels


  1. So cute!


  2. Cute things! I love target just as much. :)
    Thanks for stopping by at my blog.