Nothing is resolved..

but not really because he's not even here..

Every year this time of year people start making what we call resolutions but I feel like they need a new name because 99% of the time, nothing is resolved.

Nothing changes for the most part and people get lazy. Resolutions are usually losing weight, eating healthy etc. I think I myself have made some in the past and not kept up with them but this year I will do something different! I've just finished the coincidence of callie and kayden and LOVED it but anyway, I found that I related to Callie in more ways than I'd like. Her and her best friend have a list. A list of things they want or more like, should do. I have lists for everything else in life so why not add another? They strive for once a week but while most of mine are inner or pertaining to love and relationships, I'm just putting 2013 at the top of the page. They will be accomplished in this new year. I'm surprisingly excited about this and the coming year seeing that 2012 wasn't too kind to me. Wish I had NYE plans but as of now, I'll be home in pjs reading or on netflix.

What NYE plans do you have? Or plans for the new year itself?

Xx chels


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