Disco pants

As most of you reading this probably already know, I'm from New Jersey.. where it is socially unacceptable to wear disco pants, heels, or anything else like that unless you're from north jersey. Maybe. I so wish you wouldn't get the crazy stares but that didn't stop me from buying them :) I purchased these on ebay because I wanted cheap ones to try to see if I even like them. Like is an understatement. I belong in Essex. I feel as though they are just so cute and classic. Here are just a few outfits I put together utilizing them. Just such a shame that I can't wear them out haha Someone take me somewhere!! :P Preferably out of the country;) I will probably do a couple of these posts in the future also because I'll end up loving them and pairing some more!! :)
1. cropped bird top from H&M
2. Striped peplum from kohls
3. Sheer collared blouse from Marshalls
Kind of a repeat picture but this was my instagram one. Love the looks!!

These pants are just so flattering!! I'm not the most confident person but somehow these pants just make you feel so good!! They are hugging in the best areas and I love that they are high waisted!! I do very much appreciate my hips now that I've grown up a little haha  Maybe that's why I love these so much!! In highschool, I was a stick and had no legs or anything. So glad I have some meat on my bones now. Most girls probably wouldn't admit that hahaa I may be the only girl who is thankful for thighs? :P

How do you all feel about these pants?? Do you own a pair?? :)

Xx chels


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