Just a random little happy post haha :) I worked a long 8 hour shift today after being called in early and really showed my bosses that I'm a hard worker (finally). My assistant manager loves me and gave me candy :) haha I'm such a little kid and our new manager literally took time out of his day to find me and thank me for volunteering to come in tomorrow. So nice. There are still good people out there :') Last but certainly not least, one of the coordinators kept telling me how well I'm doing. No one wants to do the crap work in the dirty backroom but I come in when I don't even work. She said I'm doing a great job and proceeded to ask me what I do and what jobs I'm looking for.. hahah uh hair? Believe it or not :/ My hair was a mess since they called me in HOURS earlier out of my sleep :P  What are the chances that she tells me I'm going to make it big and end up being someone's personal stylist.. I was just thinking about that yesterday! Fingers crossed! I'm always down on myself and definitely my toughest critic so all of this praise really lifted my spirits. :) Just had to share! :)

xo chels


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