Friday Favorites

Back on the grind ;)


Favorite fragrance:
Chloe love, Chloe. I am absolutely in love with this perfume! Everything about it! I feel as though it's a year round one too! With the spices and musk, fall and winter but the lovely floral notes, spring and summer! love love love this!

Favorite lip product:
Fresh sugar lip treatment. love these! Like my previous post said, I use these every day before I start my makeup and strongly suggest them!

Favorite candle scent (thanks to ashley!):
Pink Sands! OMG best scent ever! So thank you to Ashley for shoving it at my nose :P I wanted to buy one "for my mom" just so our house would smell amazing but I knew she wouldn't use it if she didn't like it so I decided not to. I might buy myself one though! Amazing scent if you love summer and all the smells that come with it. Ah, just amazing!

Favorite current trend:
Peplum everything! From dresses to skirts, I am loving peplum!


What are your favorites?? I'd love to know! :)


  1. I just got that Sugar chapstick as a Sephora gift for my birthday and LOVE it. You probably already know if you are a member you get nice gifts on your bday :) xoxo

    1. Me too! I had no idea until I saw my birthday email haha thanks for the comment! :)