Hello my lovelys<3 It took me long enough but I finally found the time to do the Sephora haul/ review! I guess I'll just combine them because I used almost all of it so far! :) Enjoy!

I was SO happy to see that this little "sample" was an option because I've been envying it since it first came out! I don't buy full sized perfumes anymore because it's just turning into an overwhelming collection. Next coach purchase will definitely be the rollerball for this! Highly recommend if you like pretty, girly fragrances :)

These little guys are AMAZING! Getting them for free was even better! (birthday special from sephora) I don't know if I could spend 22.50 but I use these every morning for the first step of my daily makeup routine and have seen significant improvement! Definitely recommend these!

There isn't a whole lot to say about these but they do their job and are simply adorable!

These.. are not everyone's taste. I love the chloe love but the chloe by chloe does not smell as nice. My mom hates both but I feel as though the chloe smells of decent flowers and some kind of fabric softener. Kind of disappointing but worth the small price. I definitely recommend the chloe love if you enjoy floral yet musky and spicy fragrances. :)

One of the awesome things about Sephora is all of the free samples! This little beauty is one I was able to choose and I absolutely love it! I wear it very often and it is the perfect formula!! This is the Buxom lip gloss in Katie. It is the perfect light pink shade if you don't like a lot of color :)

Last, but certainly not least are these makeup remover wipes. They definitely do their job and are significantly more moist than other brands. It may just be me but my face tingles after I use these. I love them!

Hope you enjoyed this little haul :)


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