Lately, I've been loving black wedges. I was on the hunt for them online until 3 am one night but couldn't find anything less than 35.00 and without a ridiculous heel. My height fluctuates because of my back but I used to be 5'7 1/2 so I never wore heels. I am now down to 5'6 sometimes so I take advantage of that and stock up;) I don't usually buy my shoes (other than flats) at target because I find, they don't have the BEST prices all of the time but I decided to look anyway and Mike had to buy golf stuff so it worked. I walked down the clearance aisle and spotted these beauties! I'll admit, they weren't my first choice but I love them nonetheless<3 SO excited to wear these! Ashley and I definitely will have to wear our new shoes when we hang out! She got the ones I wanted but they didn't have my size. Super cute! These are mine :)
LOVE my new shoes! This is my thrifted top, Jlo shorts, pasty legs and target wedges

I swear I have calves AND ankles. 

I think they are just the cutest things! Love the folded detail:)

Target Mossimo Parisa Covered Wedge Shootie- 20.98
I suggest you get yourself some! ;)


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