Hello my lovelys<3 I've been shopping.. a lot. This isn't even all of it but here's a bit of what I've bought!
I haven't been to DOTS since gauchos were in and my grandma bought me a pair but I decided to go in anyway last week and I am so glad I did! I ended up buying 2 maxi skirts that are absolutely perfect for summer! That store is more clearance than regular price and although I didn't buy any, their shoes were on sale too! Really cute heels included :) Just like Rue 21, I bought gloves here haha SO ready for next winter! ;)

While waiting in the mall before my interview, Mike and I stopped into fye and I bought the most amazing thing ever.. for my brother haha too bad

I don't even care what anyone says because this is perfection :P The old style superheroes?! What more could you ask for?
After fye, we headed over to bath and body works. I may have stocked up on pocket bacs but who doesn't? 

How appropriate is this!? ;)


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