Get to know the blogger

A little change in schedule for a Friday :)
Got this tag from the lovely samantha-something. If you don't already follow her, you should do so :)

1. What's your favourite song? 
Anything by Andy Grammer. He's my hubs<3 or will be ;)
2. How often do you wear fake eyelashes?
I've never worn them but I've always wanted to!
3. Pencil, Gel or Liquid Eyeliner? 
Liquid. I wear a subtle wing every day.
4. What do you feel is your best feature? 
Nothing haha but my eyes are every color so i guess that's pretty cool. blue ring, hazel color, brown spot on one of my eyes and a yellow color around the pupil.
5. Whose wardrobe would you love to own?
RACHEL BILSON. I don't care what anyone says. I love her!
6. Would you ever consider having plastic surgery?
Pathetic as it is, I've wanted my nose fixed since 5th grade and planned to do so until i realized how expensive it is.
7. Whats the one piece of clothing you couldn't live without?
Boyfriend jeans<3 I live in them.
8. Whats your favourite drink (alcoholic/non alcoholic)
Not really sure. So much that I can't have. I guess I don't have a favorite.
9. What county would you love to go to on holiday?
Anywhere with a special someone if they'd realize :P
10. Whats the next piece of makeup you plan on buying?
They're Real mascara

11. Whats your favourite ever smell?
I'm not sure. Used to be my bf's cologne until his dad bought the same one haha. now i'd say ag just kidding!! ;)

I tag everyone :)
Have fun lovelys!


  1. nice post dear,I like reading random facts (:

    1. Thanks! It didn't have very many questions haha i like reading random things too :)