Hey girls! Something I have been craving lately is thrifting, if you could call it a craving? My boyfriend is always working and I don't have as much fun going by myself so I end up not doing it at all. Inspired by absolutely everything Rachel Bilson wears, I figured my best bet would be thrifting because of money :) Ended up working out beautifully.. Atleast when my mom teaches me how to use a sewing machine.. My brother grew so much that he outgrew his recliner? Sounds ridiculous but it's so true so we went on a hunt for a new chair!
My purchases:
Orange-red blazer that needs to be taken in a bit- 7.99
Short sleeved oatmeal thick sweater liz claiborne- 3.99
Blousy floral top to tuck into shorts/ skirts- 3.99
Black studded blazer- 5.99
Short sleeved black and pink sweater- 3.99
Zig zag print sweater- 3.99
Black short sleeved shirt embroidered flowers(think grandma style)- 3.99

All in all, I love what I got! Some of the shirts are a tad too big but will look adorable belted! So excited! My favorites would have to be the blazers though! The red-orange one reminds me of Rachel Bilson's coral blazer over her nude dress and the black one fits perfect! It lays exactly where I want it to and the studs are perfection!

Sneak Peek? ;)

Anyone else love thrifting?? The thrill of finding those treasures :)


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