Laura Buckle Hobo

This bag is from my other post and was a birthday present from my boyfriend, who by the way, still has my camera and adapter so i apologize for the phone pictures..

 I really wanted the camel color but they were sold out so I got black and I love it! It is a faux leather hobo bag styled after the Chloe Marcie. It features a horseshoe shaped flap that opens up to a little pocket, perfect for a phone or keys! The flap also has little black tassels at the end while one goes through a loop to secure the bag. I was under the impression that this bag came with a long strap for crossbody but it didn't. Creativity to the rescue :) I took the detachable strap from my Steve Madden bag and used that! It matches beautifully and allows for a different option when my bag is feeling too heavy. The inside is zebra print, which I love! Not too flashy because, after all, it is inside the bag being the perfect amount of wild ;) There are two standard pockets inside (about cell phone size) and one zippered pocket on the other side with a little one on the back. One of my favorite parts of the entire bag is the braided handle! I think it just adds so much to the bag!
You can get this gorgeous bag here :)
Laura Buckle Hobo

The front flap of bag

Where it falls on me

Where it falls on me with longer strap

Ignore the mess but this is the zebra inside:)

Love the handle! 

My favorite little pocket! :)

Definitely worth the money! :) Let me know if you end up purchasing this and what you think! <3