Brief update

Hello loveys<3
As you know, I've been looking for a new job and would prefer to stay in the beauty industry so that my resume is not all over the place. I had applied to Macy's cosmetics counter and received an email within a day to set up an interview. I was so excited to do this and thought for sure that this was the ideal job for me..

There are certain parts of South Jersey that are higher class than others, or like to think they are. This was one of them. I got there a half hour early.. 15 for respect and the other? Not knowing how long it would take to get there or find the office. I checked in as instructed and waited.. and waited. A lady came out and in her attempt at being nice, told me to go get a coffee because the woman was still on her lunch. In other words, I wasn't allowed to wait there? I was a little irritated, not to mention I'm looking for a job for money and not going to waste what I don't have on coffee. Finally, I went back at 5 of the appointment time. Still too early for them. I waited a little longer and then finally the woman who was interviewing me greeted me. She seemed a bit snooty and I was immediately put off by her attitude. To sum up the interview, she didn't take me seriously because I look 12, told me going to church isn't going to work for this job, tried to convince me that 30 minutes is nothing because she travels an hour (everything is a competition to her?) and last but CERTAINLY not least, turned her nose up at mark. Oh heeelll naw:P But seriously, I represent that company and you will NOT make those faces after you've asked me about the company. Safe to say, after handshakes and fake half cracked smiles, even if they want me, I don't want them. Unfortunate but I won't tolerate being treated that way. Moral of the story? No one is better than anyone so get off your pedestal. Conclusion? Still on the hunt for the perfect job :)

Anyone else job hunting? Any luck? :)


  1. Good luck hunting for your job, that woman was really rude to you and I am sure you'll find something better ! Kisses from Italy

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