Weekend update

A weekend update and things I ordered :)
This weekend I had so much fun! I don't really get to do much so I was really excited when Ashley wanted to hang out and go to Philly! I don't allow myself to have a good time anymore because I am always stressed about something or worrying. We ended up having a blast haha even though things kept going wrong and city water is just disgusting :P Can't wait to do it again! This girl has got me hooked on Sephora :) while I got her hooked on Laguna Beach and the OC. We love us some Adam Brody!

Magic Gardens with Ashley :)

Love Park haha we were there for about two minutes then ran
back to the car because we weren't sure if we could park there! :P

I decided to get the Sephora app which by the way, is amazing! Highly recommend it! I bought only a few things but I am still stoked to get them! :)

Hello Kitty Blotting Papers
Chloe chloe and love, Chloe mini duo
Express Cleansing Wipes
Prada prada amber pour (it's supposed to be for guys but I want to try it haha)
Andre Walker Hair Q oil
Happy Birthday to me- Fresh Sugar Kisses mini lip duo

Then I headed over to eyes lips face. Affordable makeup but in my opinion, great quality.

Black Eyeliner pen
Black Volume Pumping mascara
Shine Eraser
Duo eyeshadows
Smokey Brown nail polish
Sweetheart Collection
Twinkle Pink Blush

Off to work now!


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