Hello my loveys! :)
I recently purchased Flirt! far out mascara from Kohls and was SO excited to review it! I've only had it for a couple of days and the results are amazing.. with one exception. I'm allergic. This mascara lengthened my lashes more than anything I have ever tried! I took multiple pictures but my eyes were just as bloodshot as they are now. Unfortunately I have to return it but I can't stress enough how long it made my lashes! It definitely only lengthens so if you're into the spider lashes thing, it will be perfect and even if you're not, adding a volumizing mascara will be just what you need! I think for someone who isn't allergic, it is more than worth the money! I may be marching myself right to Sephora to get They're Real! and hope that my eyes don't end up feeling on fire again! Here are some pictures of the packaging and magic little wand. My boyfriend has my camera again so these are from my phone.

Hope this helped anyone! :) Definitely a solution for short lashes!


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