Friday Favorites

It's that time of the week again, ladies! Time for me to share my favorites lately. Random, but favorites nonetheless.

Favorite Fashion Tip:
(Borrowed from the gorgeous Lauren Conrad) I think it's safe to say I can speak for most when I say that this outfit needs to die already. A quick death, please.
Favorite Spring Color:
I am absolutely LOVING green. All shades, honestly! I do believe I will be purchasing some pastel greens to have in my wardrobe soon! :)
taken from blog
Favorite Sunglasses:
The classic wayfarer of course! Any brand and even the different variations! I'm about to order me two pairs;) As much as I would love to own some ray bans, it would be really dumb on my part because I break sunglasses left and right. Cheapies for now but enjoy these pictures of luxury shades :P
The stunning Rachel Bilson in the classic sunglasses

Kate Bosworth
Favorite Jeans:
I love all styles and mix up what I wear but I've especially been loving boyfriend style jeans. They are just so relaxed looking and look adorable with flats or heels :) Did I mention cuffed? Which I can do now because I'm shrinking.. Currently down to 5'6

What have you been loving recently? Anything out of the ordinary? Spring color preferences, predictions? 

All images taken from google.


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