Now that I spend so much time on youtube, I definitely buy more nail polishes than I used to thanks to my favorite gurus. I prefer Essie over OPI but CosmoProf doesn't sell Essie so I just deal. OPI isn't terrible, don't get me wrong, but I haven't been too impressed and find that combining with the base and top coat makes it even worse. So backwards. I'm realizing that every single cosmoprof trip, I feel compelled to buy yet another nail polish. Maybe because I like nail polish but mostly because I want to fill my nail polish rack haha :) Here are a few polishes I have been loving. Coincidentally, all OPI.

My color blind self thought this was black when I bought it haha
Loving the 007 collection! Live and let die

I stop for Nicole. I feel like this is the perfect holiday red!! Complete with sparkles :)

Also from the 007, The world is not enough. A gorgeous golden/bronze hue that almost
comes off as iridescent. 

Well, those were just a few polishes I've been wearing lately. What are your favorites?? And what do you think of OPI??

Xx chels


  1. Like the last one the most..such nice color!!


    1. my favorite also! the 007 collection is something else!