Had a cute old lady today, a lovely request, another lady, my aunt and a kid. The third lady had craaaazy brows that had not been touched in well over a month and I must say, I have become the master of all eyebrows :) I used to be scared to death of them and took one off a girl in beauty school!! When I shampooed, I sort of refused to do eyebrows and then when I came here, I had no choice. Not going to lie, I messed up a few but would always look forward to getting my own done. I decided when I was working alone that I would do them myself. I have perfected my eyebrows and love them so much! Haha I even get compliments on them but somehow I was able to shape this lady's brows to perfection ;) she asked to have mine and I did it!! I'm so excited haha you don't even know. Just had to share because ever since I started doing my own, I'm really good at it! :) if you do enjoy this post and would like some tips, comment below :)

My own eyebrows and weird faces featuring yours truly :)

as a fellow blogger said before, sisters not twins

I make weird faces all day every day 

quite proud that I've trained my brow to do this hah I do this a lot if I don't believe you haha

leave me comments if you'd like some tips on grooming those brows!!

Xx chels


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