Days off :)

I don't know about everyone else but I end up spending my days off doing more than when I work! I always decide the room needs to be redone or something should be moved, etc. I went a little crazy and bought more than I had planned..

Before and after. I'm quite proud :)
I found these at the dollar store haha
For sentimental reasons, I HAD to have this tin I found thrifting.
Another tin I found. Housing bracelets at the moment.
Both of those are filled with wallets and wristlets..... I have a problem
Re did my movies
Darling tins I also found today! Inspired by zoella of course :)
Bought, assembled and decorated:) My mom would kill me if she saw four things
instead of an odd number.. hah
Also purchased a basket to hold my magazines :) 

I just felt so accomplished today so I had to share!! Maybe because of the way my mom is, but I always have new visions for my room. I used to keep a notebook of my favorite themes to switch up. They would include buying lists and everything! Anyone else this weird? haha

Xx chels


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