You thought you had a shopping problem?!

Christmas time has once again crept up on us like it loves to do. I feel as though every year I get older, the faster time goes by and the sooner Christmas comes. I could just be crazy. For some odd reason, even though I am 21, I was not allowed to burn candles.. queue the sideways eye emoji.. 21 years old and not allowed to light a candle?! Still don't know why but I decided to give it another try.. My mom said yes! :) Haha how pathetic. I took this newfound freedom and RAN with it. I immediately went onto Bath and Body Works and ordered 70 dollars worth of candles. Did I mention crazy? I am so excited for them all to come in but oh, that wasn't enough because they aren't here now! Went shopping with a friend today and bought a sugar cookie candle and may I say it smells delicious?! Now that it has been burning for a few hours, it has lost its smell but that's alright. I know you're all SO anxious to know what I have purchased. By the way, HUGE sale at BBW and awesome promo codes! I found one for 20% off :)
for my mom. She loves this scent but never remembers to buy it while it's there ha
Self explanatory. How awesome does this sound?! Not to mention, look. Gah I want to visit!
For M. She loves the incense and hippie smells so hopefully she will enjoy this!
Was supposed to be for J but apparently I wasn't the only 21 yr old not permitted to light candles..
If you know me at all, you just know with this one.. ha
Jumping on the bandwagon and trusting youtubers.. enough said :P

and a couple coverings of course ;)

What scents have you been loving?? Currently burning sugar cookie!

Xx chels


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