Shop till you drop

Woke up, got dressed and ready to start my day of shopping! Long day of shopping.
Red peplum- tjmaxx. Jeans- wet seal
SO wish I bought more of these shirts!! Yes, Rachel Bilson, style inspiration,
is on my wall.
Today's makeup- Liquid liner, mascara, lip balm. No liner on lower.

Bought and love this bag yet I never use it.. typical.
Michael Kors- Macys
1. Loving this song!!! ;)
2. Pink and silver nails left from clip for the cure at work.
3. It was such a rainy day today! Took this while waiting for a friend.
4. Charming Charlies. Thought I'd try again. Still don't like it haha.

They lie. Come on now?!? And spelled my name wrong..

Bow, Eiffel tower, bunny :( and heart with key necklaces. Forever21 is
having a HUGE sale on necklaces right now!!

Platos run. 90210, nude heels, sweater and some lovely winter accessories! :)

Any great finds lately?? :)

Xx chels


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