Take a risk

After a terrible night's sleep, a sore arm and lots of anger toward a certain dog, I finally was in my own bed. I woke up to a text from a dear friend. My closest friends happen to be the ones i haven't met haha. She asked me if I would be interested in saving up and moving to New York with her and her cousin.. Um, YES! I'm not one to take risks and even a trip to NY is adventurous for little old me. It would be giving up a lot and to me, logically (or what I consider logic), I'd sell my car and have a good 6000 to go with. Then my mind goes to hair, of course. I'd have to get my license there. I happen to have another internet bestie who is due to take her test soon! I already have my NJ license so I may not have to actually go to school again. You used to be able to just transfer paperwork if the hours were less.. I'm not going to lie, I'm getting pretty excited and as I type, we are both seriously looking into this. We decided that when we make our trip in February, we are going to go to brooklyn and looking at the different places and just the neighborhood in general. This is totally doable :) I'm not sure what my boyfriend will think though.. That may be the only thing I'm worried about. Worried but ecstatic at the same time<3


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