Random post but kind of fashion related. 
Ever since my boyfriend got a job, we've been able to do more than just sit on the couch and eat. Last night, he decided to stay over so we could go to Nordstrom rack in the morning, after breakfast of course :P I've been bothering him for a while and after this NY trip, i now know what i'll be saving for! 

Anything and everything rebecca minkoff! Her stuff is amazing and just by picking it up, you know the quality is beyond most. I must warn that even the guys who work there are snooty and i pissed off some girl trying to look at the wallets haha. Patience, my dear, is a virtue. I found a little wristlet that just screamed out my name. It said Splurge in the prettiest font! I smushed my phone in there to try to justify buying it. Didn't work haha He talked me out of buying it so I walked out empty handed and was devastated. I'm a bit of a drama queen.. and a brat so out of spite I made him come with me into a store called Cranky's handbags. Not that anyone reads this, but i do not recommend this store. You walk in and feel as though you've stepped into a really "high end" flea market. The stuff is clearly "designer inspired" but they kept on telling me that it is authentic designer on consignment. Then it hit me. The stuff on the back wall is and the rest is exactly what you'd get at cowtown. The one lady was pretty nice and asked me what i was looking for. I told her anything that looked like a Chloe. She hands me every bag in the store that looks like the one i'm carrying which was a dr style bag. Not what i meant haha. The other lady tries to tell me that this 69.00 bag is a Balenciaga. Bite me. I'm not stupid. Then she has the nerve to say, "If you've even heard of it before". Um, excuse me?! I have and this is not one thanks :) 
All in all, shady store with horrible online reviews that I later read. 


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