It's Sunday and I am already exhausted! I have a huge list of different posts and topics I would like to eventually cover but then I realized that I never really introduced myself so here goes.. :)

My love for all things beauty started extremely young. My grandma would make me wear curlers in my hair and she'd paint my nails and occasionally do my makeup on special occasions. She is the one who would make me dress up for church and look my best. I hated it back then haha. I was the cliche story.. The little girl who cut her barbie's hair and knew then, that's what I wanted to do. Although, I couldn't understand why her hair wouldn't grow back. I think I thought they were lying to me. It'd have to grow back eventually, right? When I was in fifth grade, I met a girl named Leah with the same love for beauty that I had but she had a better sense of fashion because of her older sister. We instantly became friends and had so much in common. Her grandma owned a bookstore and would let us work there but we would really just look through books and get ideas for sketches of our wedding dresses :P I could always tell that she wasn't as interested as me and later learned that she would just tell me what I wanted to hear. I was the one who came up with the "company name", the sketches and I had books full of them! My sixth grade self even wanted to get swatches and put them to the appropriate dresses because that's what I mainly drew for our imaginary company. I think at one point, I made us business cards haha I loved everything about it and had hoped that my grandma would teach me how to sew. Sadly, she didn't have the chance to but my love for fashion has grown even more. More than I could have ever imagined thanks to some of my favorite celebrities. I graduated from highschool and decided to go to school for hair which became a huge issue seeing that the school I picked terminated their cosmetology program. I blame my four years of being in a dull uniform for losing my love of fashion, although I sported some crazy eyeliner everyday. Cat eye before it came back into style. I ended up going to Empire Beauty School. It wasn't great but I loved what I was doing so I didn't care about all the drug addicts, etc. It was an 8 month program and here I am. Just looking for salon jobs and seeing what the future holds for me. A couple years ago, if you would have asked me what I'd be doing in 5 years, I would have told you I would own a salon. That obviously didn't happen. I actually had decided, after seeing the struggles of my former boss, that I didn't want to own my own salon but now that may change thanks to a great friend :) I have no idea what my future holds but I must say, I am excited to find out.


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