Mark haul part 1

Having two jobs and only two shifts between the two isn’t stopping this shopaholic! :P Trying to really get back into the swing of things with Mark. I’ve been slacking lately. I haven’t been advertising, buying, selling or even ordering magalogs.. That needs to change. Starting with my Mark. haul :)

Magalog 2 

Min-a-real cream to powder foundation. My skin isn’t normal but also doesn’t fall under the categories dry or oily. It’s all of the above. Whatever it feels like doing that day, which is why I don’t really wear foundation. In the summer I only use tinted moisturizer so this was a must! All reviews will be in a later post after I try everything for a while:)

Touch and glow shimmer cream cubes. I absolutely cannot wait to try these! So versatile! This product can be used all over your face, although I feel as though you would be mega sparkly. To each his own.

One of the best things about mark. (and possibly worst on the wallet) is that they have snap to its. They sell a mini and a mid size. Such a great idea in theory but automatically adds 5-8$ onto your order unless you want to be stuck using the plastic containers..

 These little guys are amazing! They have a full size mirror now, thanks to a re design. 
 You should know that if you are planning on buying mark’s eyeshadows or even blushes, you will need one or more of these. 
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I chose to put my two trio palettes and my face palette in for now.

Don't forget to check out the last chance section! Amazing deals! 


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