I wasn't feeling super confident about my job interview once I found out a coworker had hers a few days ago. She posted on facebook that she had one so when I saw her at work I asked how it went.. She told me it was at this salon called... The one I was interviewing for. Awkward? I didn't take pictures of my outfit the day of but for some reason, I did when I was picking out the clothes :)


Don't worry, I didn't wear my hair like this :P It was nice and curled with a center part. I also didn't wear jeans because Ashley helped me pick out my outfit:)

I wore:
 Salmon tank top- Kohls
Brown coat- Fashion Bug 4 years ago
Black skinnies- Target
Brown boots- Bongo

Makeup was simple. All neutrals on eye and subtle daily winged liner.

I ended up being so happy with the outfit I picked because it's kind of an alternative salon. They're all really unique and tattooed. I'm glad I didn't dress mega girly :)

Second Interview on Thursday.. my birthday


  1. Hi, there! Thanks for following my blog (glam-mania) You're style is super cute and I'm sure with your great sense of taste & great smile, you'll soon find the job of your lifetime! <3

    1. Thank you so much! You have a cute blog! :) I really appreciate that! <3