Friday Favorites

Another in the friday favorites series :) Enjoy!

Favorite accessory:
watches! I used to HATE watches when I was younger but they have such cute ones now! Although my absolute favorite is Michael Kors, that's not quite possible at the moment. This one is from Relic and even though it is a silicone band, I still love it!

Favorite Color Combo: 
Neutrals! I think these colors are just amazing! So relaxing and when used right, they can make a room so serene. These colors aren't just limited to the walls because I'm also loving them for clothing! :)
google images.
Favorite Conditioner:
Joico k pak. This duo works wonders and I strongly suggest it to anyone! K pak is for keratin which is protein that you need in your hair and this provides it! Anyone with any kind of damage to your hair, this will benefit you! I have been using these since the Hershey hair show when I was in school. Got my mom hooked too! Definitely worth it!
google images

Favorite necklaces:
My mini initial necklace is one among few of my usual jewelry. I wear it everyday! When I first received this, I thought it was dumb and tacky. A year later, it's never not on my neck. You can get similar ones on many different websites.

Hope you enjoyed! I will try to post these every Friday! :)


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