NYE part 2

 I hope you all had a great new years! This was the first year I actually got to go somewhere! As my last post said, I drove to DE to go out with my friend and her friends :) Definitely a night to remember hahaha. Enough said. Hope you had a memorable night also!

Some of the girls


My first and most uncomfortable party haha Glad I had her by my side though!

Del Memorial. The simple things :) All the lanes are open haha :)
I had to!! :)

A tip to any guy reading this, new years doesn't mean I HAVE to make out with you so don't get offended when I don't after you've been awkward and cornered me all night. This kid left because he was mad. Another word to the wise, if your friend didn't just get kissed, don't grill the girl you never met about why he wasn't good enough, etc. Get over yourself. Rant over :)

Here's to hoping your new years was less awkward than mine ;)
Xx chels


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