Nose piercings

Not a great picture but this is the bump I have
I don't know about normal people, but my body likes to reject everything I want.. Every cartilage piercing :( I really enjoy piercings but every time I get one, I have to get it twice for it to work properly. Anyone else have this problem?? Had both of my cartilage done, closed. Belly button twice and now this!! An unsightly red bump. I've already popped and stabbed although that's not advised!!! haha I just don't know what else to do!! Sea salt didn't help me and I think I may be becoming allergic to bactine because I use it so much!! If it wasn't on my face, it'd be different.. but it is.

I typed this first a month ago and waited and used the bactine less but still continued with it and it is finally clearing up! Instead of a help post I decided to make this all about nose piercings.

First off, if you have any piercings and don't have the slowest piercer in the world(I do), it won't hurt. If it is your first, expect a pinch and don't freak when the needle is still through your nose. Just breathe. The worst part, if they use the screw kind, is when they put the jewelry in. Then you're done :) Because it is the nose, one side of your eye will tear but it's okay. They know you're not crying ;)

Second, I love to tip my piercer and quite well. That is up to you and know some people feel strongly about it but I also work off of tips so I always tip well.

After you have that adorable little stud in your nose, don't touch it too much. I did haha. If you must touch it, clean your hands. I would suggest buying bactine because it's always good to have. They will most likely give you after piercing lotion but I don't love that stuff for too long. Try your absolute best to not change your piercing for quite a few months and a lot of sites say to have piercer do it but if you're confident and healed up, be clean and go for it. Best of luck :)

Types of jewelry
Screw- Exactly as its name and hurts like a biotch. You literally screw it into your nose. I'd like this better if I didn't have the bump and problems that I do. You won't want to change this often haha
L- Also as its name. Shaped like an L and hurts way less than the previous. I didn't discover these until months after my piercing.. They fall out a bit easier but I like them better!
Straight- I just purchased straight ones not too long ago (mentioned in claires purchases) and so far I really like them. Similar to the L's, they do fall out quite easily but I also think that normal people's hole closes faster than mine haha Mine is still quite stretched? Weird. I do like these though and they don't hurt :) Some you can buy straight and bend them to an L at the appropriate place.

Last but not least, where to purchase.. I made the mistake of buying TWO packs at walmart.. Please don't. I didn't realize until way later that the studs are a weird size! They're not the dainty little thing I had wanted but they protrude funny from your nose and my lump didn't help any. I almost purchased from piercing pagoda and would actually recommend paying more to get the quality but they didn't have a full pack of all one color. No color, really. Spencers/Hot topic is okay just be sure you're not allergic.. I purchased a pack from claires and it was all I wanted at an affordable price. I've found that a lot of sites recommend the shop you got done at but I'm pretty sure mine doesn't sell jewelry haha I guess if yours does, that's great. Unfortunately its pretty much, you get what you pay for.. I hope that if you decide to get your nose pierced, this helped a little :) I know I researched before I got mine done and wish someone had a post like this. The simple reason I did it :)
The big walmart one

Small stud :) Excuse the face. Tried to find the best way you could see the jewelry!

Let me know if this helped you at all :)

Xx chels


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