Jessica Stroup

Over the past couple of months, I rediscovered 90210. Like many girls, I'm a sucker for the overly dramatic, rich kid shows.. Just how it is. This is no exception. I feel like I enjoy shows even more when I can relate to a character. In this case, Silver. I think she is so interesting, her hair is always immaculate and style so chic and laid back. Although I'm not rocking a floppy hat or fedora everyday of my life, part of my wardrobe is similar to hers and I love that haha :) Played by Jessica Stroup, here are some of my favorites of Silver's outfits, hair, etc. Enjoy!!

Apparently there aren't many of Silver's outfits online so onto the hair!!
Also, I thought she looked better before her teeth changed..
This girl can pull off ANY hair. Jel
She makes me want to chop my hair.
Before teeth change.

Am I the only one who noticed?!

After changes

Her brows also got really thick, dark and lost their shape

Still love her and the show :) Anyone else have 90210 as their guilty pleasure show??

Xx chels


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