I'm not the biggest fan of Victoria's Secret like I've said in previous posts.. but it's their semi annual sale haha. What girl isn't a sucker for that?! I think I hate it because for some reason when I go in there, I end up being pushed around by ten year olds who think they're cool because they shop there. Go somewhere. Also hate that people make the loungewear their daily attire.. No bueno. Put some real clothes on. Before I go into what all I've purchased, I'd like to say that they're pretty slick. I recently got the vip card which meant a 10 dollar offer with it.. but I also had a birthday offer, another 10 dollar card and a free panty card. Boy, do they suck me in that place!!! I ended up giving two of them to M but I had the two others and when I noticed it was the sale, I had to take a look.. then spend like 200 dollars.. It didn't quite register until I just typed that.. but on the bright side, double points in december and I'm clearly racking them up!
Pink hoodies are SO thin so I opted for a regular VS one..
I thought this looked almost anti VS hahaha so I had to have it
Hoping these look better on..
They kinda look the same.. haha oops.
Super cheap at 9.99!! Present for a friend!
Cannot wait for this to come in!! Actually got to order it almost in my size! haha VS never has my size in bikinis :(
Also, I ordered another pair of their most loved yoga leggings in purple tie dye but I can't seem to find any pictures.

Now that you've had another glimpse of my ridiculous shopping addiction, I'm off to write in my new journal and catch up on youtube videos :) Hope you've all had an amazing weekend and have a merry Christmas also! :)

Xx chels


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