Recently I've been lusting over entirely too much for the paychecks I bring in! Every time M and I go somewhere, I buy something or a few somethings..  Okay, a lot of somethings. I was doing my normal youtube routine, watching my favorite gurus and came across xolittlemisslaura and her vlogmas. I think she will always be my favorite. Check her out! Anyway, in her one vlog, she had this adorable green jacket so I tweeted her and asked where it was from. The awesome person that she is, responded, so I just had to have it considering I've been searching for one like it for months now. I was on the hunt for maybe an hour then I found either that one or something very similar. Satisfied :) I almost purchased the Kirra jacket but then I came across the Roxy one and fell in love!

It's not the typical cute jacket and I usually opt for pea coats or something really girly but between the lightweight material and the olive color, I absolutely love it! Cannot wait for this weird Jersey weather to calm down. Christmas is days away and today we get fog and mist with really early darkness. Does that even make sense? 

What jackets are you loving unexpectedly lately??

Xx chels


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