What I wore

On easter :) I always wear a dress for my grandma</3 but this year, I bought one and ended up having nursery on easter sunday. Try chasing kids in a short dress.. No thank you :) Then I was going to wear it to my boyfriend's family lunch but he ended up working late and we got there at 7pm. Not easter dress appropriate time of day so this is what I wore :) Also, it looks as though I will not be getting my camera back so these are all taken on my phone.

haha everyone calls this my granny sweater but I love it :)
Granny sweater- JCPenney, Tank top- Kohls candies, Jeans-
wetseal, booties- sears, bracelets- kohls, necklace- etsy, purse-
vintage. Top knot didn't fit in picture :P with pink tips <3

I look like springtime haha :)

Love this necklace. You can find all types of variations on etsy :)

How was your Easter? :)

xx chels


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