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I don't know about all of you but I love stripes and always have!

Of course the lovely Miss Bilson made me love them even more. I feel as though you can never have enough, or at least I can never have enough ;) I'm a sucker for classic pieces and black and white but the thing about Forever21 is that they never have normal colors! haha It drives me absolutely crazy! I wanted a leatherette jacket and was stuck with plum.. They didn't even make it in black, the most classic and "obvious" color. When I want a b&w striped shirt, I get oatmeal and heathered grey? So weird but I sucked it up and bought two more shirts from them. Also (just one more complaint, promise), Their shirts are always so short and wide unless my torso is abnormally long? What do you guys think? Do their shirts fit awkwardly on you or is it just me? haha Those are the newest additions! :)

What are your feelings on Forever21?

xo chels


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