Review- healthy sexy hair soy touchable

Hey lovelys<3 A lot of people love hairspray especially now that people think in order to live in jersey, your hair needs to reach the heavens. Contrary to popular belief, this is not necessary at all. I'm not a huge hairspray person and really never was but after I couldn't purchase my usual KMS medium spray, I was on the hunt for a new "usual".
I had never used any of the sexy lines except the big sexy hair like everyone else:P Recently, I decided it was time to try the healthysexy line considering the condition of this mess I like to call my hair. I must say, I am in love!! I was about to purchase this teeny bottle of argan oil for the same price until I found this life saver!! This spray is absolutely amazing!! It is so incredibly weightless that you can use it before and after curling, styling, etc. I had curled my hair for an interview and sprayed after each layer of curls, then all over after and by 11pm I still had touchable curls! Unheard of with my hair. So not only does this product help the condition of your fragile hair and not weigh it down, but it also holds your style! Saying this is amazing is quite the understatement. I definitely recommend this to anyone! Although I pay less, I would honestly still buy this :)

Have you found a product that you can't live without?? Let me know if you end up trying this or if it's already on your must have list!!

xx chels


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