Random :)

I don't think I can even express to you girls how excited I am for this week! Granted, work will be the death of me but after Tuesday, I'm home free!! They had me work Thurs-Tues. E v e r y d a y. Not used to that kind of physical labor haha Back to the excitement.. My wonderful friend Ashley is visiting Wednesday and we're going to Lauren Conrad's book signing so you know I'll be having pictures up of the lovely lady:) We are both so enthralled! Lauren is one of my fashion icons and overall, I believe she is a great role model for girls of all ages! Maybe she'll get her own post ;) hmm. Along with our celebrity meet and greet, we will be spending our few days shopping, making yummy drinks and watching sex and the city and maybe a little of the OC :P  Then she's off to see the love of her life. They're adorable! :) Go check out her blog if you don't already follow her! Love this girl! She's my Lo :') Get the reference? Pretty appropriate :P Hope you lovely girls all are having a wonderful week and are in less pain than I am! haha

xo chels


  1. That's so exciting! I love her as well! I can't wait to see the pictures!! =)

    Have a great week, love!

    1. Thanks! I'm SO excited! haha :) you too! :)