My first diy :) kind of

These are definitely NOT perfect haha A trip to goodwill is in order to get more mom jeans to cut up :)
I watched like 8 tutorials before I did it and it still ended up ugly haha :)

I didn't have chalk like a tutorial suggested ha
The tutorial said: Get mom jeans, get your favorite jean shorts, line up the crotch and draw a line an inch or two under which i clearly did not do haha then cut and fold bottoms if desired. Iron and wear. I will probably never wear these again hah

They ended up too short haha but it was my first try

I ironed the bottoms for now until I sew them

They just don't look right hahaha

Close up. Ew

I cannot wait to buy more pairs and do a better job than this but I figured I'd share anyway haha :)

Have you cut up any clothing lately? ;)

xx chels


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