As promised

As promised, pictures from my few days and of what I purchased :)
Warning: long post, lots of photos.
Best :)
no idea where i'm looking haha they bombarded you as soon as you got up the stairs!
we look like ghosts hahaa

We drove two hours, spent 22$ then another 20 each and sat on cement for three hours..

The over priced book from the signing :P
Really loving this whole line!

Can't wait to try this! Purchased this instead of the Joico this time

Minted- Revlon polish
Great color for spring!
Excited to try this!
Favorite ever!!!!
I've waited years and years just to not be able to take pictures with her
and even the signature in the book is what you can buy at target. No personalization, nothing.
This whole thing was quite the let down. :( All picture credit goes to ashley
I was too irritated to take any haha

Although, there's no getting around the fact that she is gorgeous.

And added pink
A little agitated that I subscribed in March and they skipped my April issue..
the RACHEL BILSON ONE. I could die. That was the most anticipated one..
Had money left on the gift card so I bought more blush :)

Absolutely in love with this color!

Ash and I made cosmopolitans to watch our sex and the city;)
Love this girl!

We always have such a fun time. Never a dull moment ;)

Not sure about this pink..
Thinking about extensions.. again
Considering going back to school
Note to self: Find more out about 2 yrs vs 4
Elementary education?
Loving healthysexyhair line<3
Can't wait for Ash to visit again! haha :)

xx chels


  1. I am absolutely obsessed with the Revlon nail color. Thanks for the comment, and following you now!


    1. I haven't used it yet but I'm so excited to! It's a gorgeous color. All of their pastels are! :) Thanks<3 Hope you have a great rest of your week! :)
      xx chels