All I want is my dream life to be my real life. How could that be wrong?

such a confident and beautiful person inside and out!
A photo she posted to twitter of her new hair. So cute!
From her nyc concert. I will forever try to make it to any concert of hers near me.
definitely worth it! Plus the added bonus of that one :P

Everyone that knows me at all knows about my andy grammer obsession but I won't get into that.. :P Anyway, I feel like the closest female equivalent to him is Colbie Caillat. Their voices blend so beautifully and sound amazing together! Find out for yourself and purchase his live EP on iTunes. I just love her SO much! That's why she gets her own post haha :) I find her voice to be so relaxing, at least for me. Her music actually calms me down and makes me pretty happy which, unfortunately, is difficult. Most recently, I'm absolutely loving her new hair! Anyone else?? She just seems like an all around grounded, sweet person. Even her california cool style is just so effortless and down to earth! Don't even get me started on her hair period. Always gorgeous. I've just always loved her  :) Meeting her is on my bucket list haha If you don't own any of her music, I definitely suggest getting it. You will be a happier person :)

who is a celebrity that inspires you??

xo chels


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