Hello my lovelys! :) I had a wonderful weekend and I hope you all enjoyed yours also! I spent it in pennsylvania with my family after my drs appointment. Their newly renovated house is gorgeous! We got to go shopping, I did some hair and then we stopped at the outlets on the way home. This post is pretty much just pictures from the weekend and a little summary of what I may or may not have purchased ;) Even the girl at the coach store told me I have a problem and can't hide it?

I wanted to get her something that she'd know I bought for her.
Pink poodle purse it is!

Baby chelsea! She squirmed too much for pictures haha :) so cute!
In her little romper I got her.
Snow Lynne<3

My eye is red because I'm allergic to dogs haha

This girrrll hahah she loves pictures!

She loves to hug


I also bought:
taupe purse
coral bag/ wristlet
2 marykay mineral foundation (one for now, one for summer)
4 lipsticks
2 black eyeliners
1 white liner
liquid foundation
coach bag :)
present for ashley ;) haha always
1 lipbutter (can't wait to try it!!)
2 elf blushes.. loving so far!!
elf tone correcting concealer
elf tone correcting powder
elf bronzer
nude nail polish
elf flawless finish foundation (to test out)
floral wallet granny chic yo;)
black notebook (for blogging)

I hope you all had an amazing weekend and found some great deals! Back on that work grind!

xo chels


  1. Glad you had a good one! Those girls are so cute, that one in the sunglasses is adorable! And all those thing on your list seem very necessary...even the 4 lipsticks!!

    1. Thanks! haha they really are adorable! <3 definitely necessary ;)