Purchases :)

I really feel as though I've been working so much but I guess in reality, I haven't haha Just not as much free time as I'm used to! Of course, now that my foot is all messed up and painful, I've been getting called into work like crazy! Honestly, who wouldn't say yes and just work through the pain? Oh, a normal person? ha As promised, pictures of purchases from the weekend :)
Flea market find. I thought it was perfect for spring! A nice coral wristlet
with plenty of compartments inside! My poor wittle foot in the background haha injured

Went a bit crazy at target thanks to my lovely aunt<3 paid me for hair
services with a giftcard :)
 Elf tone correcting concealer
Elf essential healthy glow bronzing powder (cheap but is the perfect shade for my skin)
Revlon lipbutter
Elf tone correcting powder
Elf studio bronzer
Elf studio flawless finish foundation
Elf studio blush candid coral
Elf studio blush pink passion
Elf mirror
Sally Hansen smooth and perfect polish

Also at target. I thought this was just the cutest thing! They have it in brown and black too!

Came home to this! First issue of Lucky :)

Loving this coach keychain! Adorable!

TJMaxx- Little black book for blogging. Was going to be put in my purse but I think I'll
just keep it beside my bed instead.

Green dragon find- Love this bag! Super spacious. I think it's probably a knock off of something?
But it's cute haha :) and seems to be good quality.

My wittle addition<3 haha I love this! Not too big but fits what I need to carry. Perfect for
spring with the white details. Also love the handle options and price! :) 85

Different vendors
Almay line smoothing
Maybelline 2 for 1 eyeliners
Mary Kay mineral foundation for now
Mary Kay mineral foundation for summer
3 Maybelline colorsensational lipstick 
Revlon lipstick
White eye liner

What have you bought recently??

xo chels


  1. Lovely purchases, I think I need to go shopping for me soon, last thing I bought was dog food. . .lol


  2. I love your green dragon bag! I'm addicted to huge bags! I am new to your blog and I'm so glad I found it!! I invite you to check mine out! =)

    have a great wednesday!!

    1. thanks! me too! haha :) Aww thanks! I'm going to check yours out right now! :) thanks for the comment!

  3. I'm so jealous of your green dragon bag! Where did you get it from?
    It's absolutely beautiful!!

    1. Green Dragon :) It's a flea market in pa but they probably have them at flea markets that sell purses :)

  4. Great haul dear!




    1. Thanks Cindy! :) Hope you're having a great day!

  5. Some gorgeous things here, love the purse and black notebook!
    Following you back sweetie, thanks for the follow & lovely comment :) xxx

    1. I just saw this! I'm so sorry! Thanks so much! :) Hope you have a great weekend<3