Purchases! :)

Best part about finding these at sears: rewards points= money :)


Hello my lovelys<3 So, I went a little shoe crazy. Have you ever found a shoe that you immediately fell in love with but couldn't decide what color to get? Black goes with everything but taupe goes with almost everything and is perfect for spring/ summer! What's a girl to do?

Usually, i'd pick one and be sad when that moment arises and the other color is needed but today, this shoe was HALF OFF. I found it online first so I already knew that but I decided to get both rather than the purse I'm coveting. Rachel Bilson as inspiration of course. Above are stock photos of the little beauties!

Have you found any steals lately? ;)

xo chels


  1. Where did you get the top two from? I like and want them!!

    1. I saw this comment and got so excited that I forgot to respond haha sorry! They're from sears and if you have a rewards card for there or kmart, you can rack up the points easily :)