Friday favorites

How are my lovelys doing? :) I think I will start making these Friday favorites a bit less because frankly, I'm running out! haha Maybe twice a month?

Ankle boots! Whether they have a heel like my newest additions or or are more rugged looking, I'm loving ankle boots! When I'm bored, I'll look up pictures of what people wear certain things with and I just see so many people being able to wear them with anything! Skirts, dresses, skinnies, etc.
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I'm not quite sure what to category to put blazers in haha suggestions? Anyway, I made a recent trip to Kohls and wanted to buy every blazer I saw! A gorgeous cropped blush color, cream with black, ah it was heaven. I wear blazers all year around but usually black so I am especially excited to be seeing colors and pastels! :)
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Colored Denim: 
Peach!! I didn't think I would love this hue so much but I really do! That rhymed :)
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Hair Repair Product: 
Joico Reconstruct. On my last trip to CosmoProf, I convinced my mom to buy a huge set of Joico shampoo, conditioner and the added bonus, kpak reconstruct. It's just a little bottle but so far, it's working wonders for me! Extra protein? Always yes to that!

What are your favorites lately? :)

xo chels


  1. I love peach coloured denim! Can't get enough!
    Www.throughchelseaseyes.com xxxx

    1. Me too! I think it may be my ultimate favorite colored denim yet somehow I do not own any. :P

  2. I am constantly in boots I love them :)
    And I will have to try that hair product :3

    1. I definitely recommend it! The whole joico kpak line is worth the hefty price. They also have shine serum and other products! :) I always feel the difference versus using a drug store shampoo or conditioner, also. :) Let me know if you do end up getting it! You can find it on amazon I believe.

  3. This is such an inspiration!

    I found you through blog hop! Hope you would drop by my blog! :)

  4. I love your friday favs but I know what you mean about running out lol


    1. Haha I'm glad someone understands! I keep a notebook but it's not enough especially when you're picky and honest :P

  5. Replies
    1. :) Thanks for the comment. Hope you're having a great day!