Bangs, ladies

Can be the best or worst thing for a girl thanks to cowlicks and just plain old stubborn hair. Most people don't want to take the time to blow dry their hair but I do suggest at least blow drying your bangs! After a heat protectant spray of course, side bangs will sit the best and cooperate if you blow dry them the opposite way.
Tip: Side bangs also lay nicely and usually the way you want if you also CUT them the opposite way. (Tutorial to come) Not many hairdressers do this which I will never understand. Logic tells you that if you pull them over and cut then let them fall, the shortest will obviously be first and will get longer going down. For some reason most stylists just slide their scissor happy hands down your soon to be too short bangs. I'll never understand. Also, I find this helps me.. maybe not everyone. When I'm in the shower I'll decide how I want my bangs and comb them while wet so when it dries, they dry the way you wanted them. That as opposed to what everyone says.. To pin them and train them. Doesn't work for the majority of the time. Hope this helped anyone who gets annoyed by their stubborn hair! :)

xo chels


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