Girls in highschool were boy crazy..

but I was color crazy. Every time I color my hair I think about all the hair changes I have gone through. It started super young because I knew I wanted to do hair. My justifying it was telling my parents that I'd rather mess up on myself than other people ;) It worked haha I decided to make a post of the journey my poor hair has gone through over the years. Hope you enjoy it :) Warning: most are myspace days :P and they aren't in order because it takes tooo long.

young chelsie
my grandma made me get perms every year:')
I put black in my hair.
I kept this color for a while
Went a medium brown
It was supposed to be brown but my hair always turns red 


I think I gave myself cap highlights here?
Just brown

Black underneath

Rich brown with straight bangs

Super short. brown. I hated this :(

Brown. IGA days.

I have no clue what color this is. at all.

Brown with some random blonde i guess?

Loved my bob :)

I had come home from buying a bumpit hahaha
and i guess my ends are blonde?

scene days haha people wanted a picture of my tattoo

Trying to girly up this haircut

Highlights and my bob

Went a nice medium brown with my grown out bob

my wig! hahah :)
Almost black hair! to match my daily crazy eye makeup

Decided to go red.. not good.

Golden blonde, short.

Salon days. Lauren did my hair Lauren Conrad esque(brunette at the time). Chocolate
with a few highlights.

Salon days, Lauren did my bob and color.

Close up of cut.


Highlights and dark eye makeup? ew.

Lauren did the hair again. salon days.

Super short, trying to feel feminine with my makeup

Dark brown underneath

I guess I figured out how to use a curling iron? haha red color

Always go back to this bob<3

I was tannish so I went red violet haha

Coontail days!

Pink! and gauges. Yes, tongue ring instead haha

Blonde tips?

Nice dark brown

You can tell I was friends with a certain girl at this point haha brown

First part of going blonde



Cheap weave :P

I get friggen tan. Just brown

Weird blonde color with highlights. Surprise for his birthday.

Weave hah blondish hair

Your eyes do not deceive you.. that is purple.
Highlights again

Weird brown color, straight bangs and blonde cap highlights.

I was some shade of red almost all of highschool

Best brown I've ever had.

Highlights round 2. Went dark that night.VV

This dark. Thanks cosmoprof girls. NOT

This was for a tracy dimarco surprise video. brunette with some golden highlights

My extreme ombre (to me)

I will probably go back to this.

I fixed it and made it less abrupt.

How many of you change your hair constantly? I'd love to see!! :)

xo chels


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